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Eco Harmony Dawn Cooking

Even as the Harmony Dawn Way of Cooking rapidly spreads by word of mouth and from kitchen to kitchen, Chef Nicola Lawrence creates ever more healthful, rave-inducing, spa cuisine recipes, which she now generously shares in Eco Harmony Dawn Cooking.

The unique Eco emphasis in this book includes not only recommendations on healthy and environmentally-friendly foods, food preparation and menuplanning, but a detailed explanation on how we as individuals interact with our external environment and how that in turn interacts with our “internal” mind-body environment…. hence the sub-title: Balancing your Internal and External Environment. Harmony Dawn is regarded as one of the ‘greenest’ buildings in Canada and many guests often inquire into its vision and design, not only in terms of sustainability but its powerful ‘subtle energy” (qi or prana).

Nicola Lawrence and Andy James are the co-founders of HarmonyDawn. Nicola’s cuisine is the flowering of a life-long love of food, years of experience in the food industry and mind-body training. Andy is a nationally renowned teacher, author and healer specializing in integrated mind-body disciplines. He is the founder of the Tai Chi & Meditation Centre in Toronto.

Location: Harmony Dawn Retreat, please contact us to register to reserve your space.