Andy & Nicola

Harmony Dawn is Andy and Nicola James’ Dream, purpose-built to enhance the subtle but profound Power of Balance: “We chose the land and designed our building to consciously create a subtle-energy environment of Yin-Yang balance, which facilitates healing, the sense of interconnection, creativity and self-transformation. Our guests get it! Nicola’s food is an important and acclaimed part of the Harmony Dawn (HD) experience, since it not only appeals to the palate and eye, but is consciously prepared, using high quality ingredients and Yin-Yang food principles (see Cuisine). We also incorporated as many cutting-edge, clean, sustainable technologies as possible to give guests the unique personal experience of what a “green” future might feel like – very comfy even as it reduces our environmental impact on the planet! Harmony Dawn was voted one of Canada’s greenest buildings”.

Harmony Dawn is a physical manifestation of Andy’s 31 years of mind-body wisdom and teaching experience, which includes Tai Chi Chuan, Mindfulness (Vipassana) meditation and Qigong. He is an internationally acclaimed teacher, healer and author, and the Founder of the Tai Chi & Meditation Centre. For more see Andy.

Harmony Dawn is nestled into the picturesque, rolling Northumberland Hills, surrounded by 50 pristine, acres of meadows and forests without any noise or electrical buzz, since it is completely self-sufficient and off the power grid. Our country air boasts one of the highest oxygen levels in Ontario; scenic Rice Lake abuts our forests and since it is relatively shallow, offers swimming from Spring to Fall. HD is 90 minutes north-east of Toronto along the 401 (link) and is accessible from Ottawa, Montreal, Hamilton, Windsor, Muskoka and more.

Harmony Dawn provides tranquil, nurturing, harmonious accommodation and highly acclaimed cuisine to compatible guest groups of between 14 and 22. We also conduct our own HD in-house workshops and retreats on meditation, Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong and Yin-Yang cuisine through which we try to help guests establish or consolidate their own mind-body health practice. We believe it is important to balance one’s internal and external environments since they are interconnected. We can provide specific instructional classes to guest groups or individuals if arranged in advance.



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