Where Balance, Healing and Inspiration Bloom

Harmony Dawn was conceived by founders Andy and Nicola James as a refuge or retreat, where one can experience the healing powers of Nature and of ancient mind-body wisdom, which Andy has taught for over 30 years.  It is a place, not too far from Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal, where you can retreat and disconnect from the noise, pollution and stresses of the City. The stream, trees, grasses, birds, animals and clouds do not demand deadlines or performance.  They are… and are wonderful in their Being-ness.

They chose 50 acres of organic meadows and old growth forest according to Feng-shui and Yin-Yang principles of balance and likewise situated their building.  The nearest house is nearly one kilometer away.  The main Harmony Dawn building was constructed using Yin-Yang and advanced, green sustainable energy technologies and is off-the-grid… completely energy and water independent.  Several visiting spiritual and shamanic masters have immediately recognized the Yin-Yang principles of balance incorporated into Harmony Dawn.

An important part of our Balance is Nicola’s cuisine.  She uses Yin-Yang principles of balance as well as the latest scientific findings in lovingly preparing mostly vegetarian meals, not only appealing to the eye and palate, but healing for the body.  Harmony Dawn food does not change according to fads, because it adheres to principles of ageless Balance.  Many HD guests come mainly for the food!

Healing and inspiration have constantly bloomed among Harmony Dawn guests; they have not only changed their diets, but the very direction of their lives after a brief time at Harmony Dawn.

Welcome to the Harmony Dawn Experience!

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