Harmony Dawn Testimonials

"A truly inspirational undertaking in harmony with the environment."

"There is stillness that I feel up here that is very comforting to know still exists. Birds sing, rain falls cool outside yet the center core is still and warm. The food is fit for God's table. So beautiful."

"Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality and humour. It was amazing. I didn't know what to expect, but you surpassed everything good I could have possibly anticipated."

"Thank you for creating a magical place to restore and rejuvenate the soul not to mention the fantastic food that nourished our souls."

"Harmony Dawn...the realization of dreams. Wisdom and compassion celebrated inside and out. Sunshine and wind, silence and laughter. Thank you for this most beautiful experience."

"Harmony Dawn is a wonderfully natural and rejuvenating environment. The hospitality of her hosts and company is second to none. Thank you for an enlightening and nourishing experience." 

"Thank you very much for your wonderful hospitality! This place has been an inspirational space for our community. It is a joy to see such pure vision manifest itself so beautifully. This is not the last time you will see our group."

"The wonderful , profound energy of Harmony Dawn has left a lasting impression on my body, mind and spirit. I haven't encountered this type of profound shift in my healing journey until now. Your spirit, the nurturing meals, combined with Andy's qigong massage has had an interesting effect on my body and emotional state since returning. I am still getting used to a new self." 

"I will always remember my first time here as an awakening to what is possible within and without. Congratulations on creating such an inviting house that treads so lightly on mother earth."

Form, function, beauty and warmth-Harmony Dawn is all this and more. A truly wonderful place and a real privilege to share." 

“First of all, thank you so much for your amazing food! I have officially named Harmony Dawn my 2nd home (and that is before my in-law's!!!). Again, I had a really restful weekend there and i am already looking forward to my next visit. Thanks again for the love and energy you and Andy put in to this place. it's amazing how you 2 radiate!”

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