Davos: Technology vs. Humans

Prior to the recent 2016 meeting, I regarded the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos as a meeting of conventional, self-serving, establishment power brokers – high level politicians, CEOs, bankers, economists and the like.  However, I was struck by the profound, forward-looking insight of Klaus Schwab, founder of WEF, in a Time mag interview:

                “We are at the tipping point of a whole variety of interconnected breakthroughs: robots, drones, intelligent cities, artificial intelligence, brain research.  What differentiates the fourth industrial revolution is that it’s not a product revolution.  It’s a system revolution…. If we do not want to be dominated by technology, we have to become a more human society.  What leadership style, what capabilities, do we need to master all these technologies?  I believe we need to emphasize the more human aspect in leadership as a counterweight to all these technological advances.  If you think what a human being is, we exist because of brains, soul, heart.  What we can replicate in a robot is the brain. But you will never replicate the heart, which is passion, compassion.  And the soul which enables us to believe”.

                This was personally very encouraging for me to read because I had made the same points in my 2003 book, Ageless Wisdom Spirituality: Investing in Human Evolution.  Certainly we urgently need to become a more compassionate and cooperative society in order to meet our immense human challenges, but this is impossible if we emphasize and identify with our differences, whether religious, cultural or political.  We will only act with greater Oneness if we feel the reality of our Oneness and Interconnectedness and as far as I can see, this can only come about through deep, self-inquiry which seems to me to be a spiritual process.  Realizing Oneness is different from believing in Oneness or idealising Oneness.

Andy James