“Our vision for Harmony Dawn was two-fold. We wanted to create a subtle-energy environment (not only the space but also the food) to enhance healing, bonding, creativity and self-transformation.  We also wanted guests to directly experience a vision of a cleaner, greener future - a sustainable energy environment which works in a conventional sense”.
~ Andy James & Nicola Lawrence James, Founders 

Innumerable testimonials and jam-packed bookings suggest that Andy’s and Nicola’s vision has profoundly touched most guests, who are not only from Ontario, but from the East and West coasts of Canada, from the USA and beyond.

Harmony Dawn is an easy 90 minutes (without traffic) north-east of Toronto and is also accessible to Ottawa, Montreal, Hamilton, Huntsville, London and beyond. It is nestled into the famous Northumberland Hills, minutes off scenic Rice Lake, which is part of the Trent-Severn waterway. The retreat property is situated on historically sacred Native land in an area noted for its unusually high oxygen levels.

Andy (an internationally renowned mind-body teacher and author) and Nicola offer a variety of in-house workshops that focus on integrating and balancing your “internal and external environments” and they host many guest groups – yoga, meditation, environmentalists, healers, artists and more!  The minimum number for a guest group is 10 and the maximum is 22 (in the summer).